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Last year, Activision Blizzard had an operating income of almost 2 billion USD. We at Crows Crows Crows believe we’re just as good and deserve equal success. So we have decided to do what it takes to level us up as a studio and finally finish The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe make our own MMO.

Before Blizzard were stealing characters’ shoes and firing 800 people at a time, they made a little known game called WOW. It was named after the sound people make when they compare it to RuneScape or Club Penguin.

We have decided to steal get inspired by WOW and elements from all of these successful MMOs by creating…

THE CLUB A mission-less, non-competitive, ON-LINE music listening game. (it's an MMO)
The Club GIF 1
The Club GIF 2

But what is a club without music? We may have made music in THE PAST but a club needs COUNTLESS tracks to sustain itself... This is why we decided to “collaborate” with a certain “individual” to “create” this “club”. Why, here he is!


BARTLEBY HERE!!! I am the proprietor of The Club, coming at you, representing the Bartleby Park posse!! My forebears founded The Crows Crows Crows Community Museum, and while that’s “old school cool” for m’pops, it’s time to get down with where the kids are at! Word!

Your ticket to THE CLUB

Four score and seven days ago I reached out to all members of the Crows Crows Crows Community Discord and engaged them in the hearty task of jamming out a gigantic number of BANGERS with me. Yes, I love electronic music, especially tracks with fat bass lines and loud beats!

I did not send these youngsters into the wilderness of creation alone, dear reader! Oh no! I got my good, long time friend SILKERSOFT to arrange a Sample Pack worthy of CHAMPIONS. Isn’t it fabulous! Just you wait until these minute-long compositions submitted by the youth of the community drop! You will lose your absolute mind!

The Club Sample Pack

The best part? The Club is free to play in any web browser! You need not be drowning in doubloons to experience it. All are welcome, for it is the love of music that unites us, not the rattling of purse!

I am getting on in age, but I am a big kid at heart. I really love gangster rap, hip hop music, and other kinds of rapping. I will be frequenting the Club as often as I can, contrary to the norms of the average nightclub proprietor. You see, for all the businessmanship and money-grubbing of my peers, Old Bartleby just wants to party away with his pals, his fellows of the dance floor!

Thank you to everyone in The Crows Crows Crows Discord Community for making all of this happen with ME, BARTLEBY!!!




Well, that’s Bartleby...

Speaking of drowning in doubloons… If you’ve scraped together enough cash to get one of those..... VR...... things.......

Maybe you could.........

Accounting+ for Virtual Reality

Look. I’ve been writing promo text for Accounting+ for almost 2 years now. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to keep that stuff fresh. So from this email onwards I’m just going to throw in a little sticker that anyone can click to find out more.


Another great big thank you to all those who submitted music, characters or posters for The Club! If you’re just finding out about this and would like to make something for us to include in a future update, or if you're remembering to buy Accounting+ or looking forward to The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - you can connect with others who are like you on our Discord.

Ah, would you look at the time? I need to get out of here! But before I go let me say this:

Please look after yourself, because life is very precious, and, as a living thing, that makes YOU very precious. Stay healthy, stay safe, be polite, but also don’t take any crap. Keep it together, keep your wits about you, stay collected, focused, goal-oriented, and also there’s a secret door at the back of the club that you need to be level 18 to enter... don't tell anyone i told you....

Big up,
– Crows Crows Crows - feat. Bartleby

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