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You know when you’ve been banging it in the club for 15 hours straight and your legs feel weak and you start to act like you’re maybe gonna get some chips and head on home? Shut up! We’ve been out since Christmas Eve and you need some 18+ incoherent email version of santa clause to come and give you the strength to keep. on. partying.

this email is that email and it's also FUCKED UP and it's alsooo the return of the best Crows Crows Crows holiday of the year!!! that's right it's... RAPSGIVING 2018!

Cover Art

You’re out on the town. You're slamming back absinthe and triple teaming death sticks. You see a fine piece of drink across the club and you wanna bite right into the glass and get a mouthful of blood and little glass pieces because you’re loving life.

Tonight is a god damn movie and you need a soundtrack worthy of your HARD antics. Rapsgiving. 2018. We’re giving 6 new ORIGINAL RAPS to you harder than our builder gave it to our studio wall. Rapsgiving 2018 is gonna knock through the partitions in your LIFE.

wait a second i think i'm going to pa s s o   u


✉️ thanks 4 reading 👀