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Ask any child who’s not afraid of living
What’s the best day of the year, they’ll say “Rapsgiving!!”
And follow that up with a sly tap on their nose
and continue by saying “I subscribe to Crows Crows Crows”.


It all starts with an email, too strange to be a dream,
containing a HOLIDAY BANGER for 2k17.
Rapsgiving is real, as you can clearly see
for why else would we give you…

For the last 5 years on the 28th of December, we’ve been workshopping Rapsgiving- waiting to take it to the mainstream. We’ve seen nasty, greedy, horrible, disgusting, anti-forest, imaginary days like “Easter” be conceived and shoved down our throats by The Corporations.

Well to The Corporations we have decided to say “No More!”, “Enough is Enough!” and “Fuck You!” by launching Rapsgiving into the mainstream right now. Rapsgiving is here and it’s not going away*!

Supreme artists like Casper, Bones, hnrk and Justin Roiland have decided to come together to make a song with Crows Crows Crows composer Silkersoft to not only highlight our latest project (Accounting+), but also to Support Trees - a superb charity dedicated to reforestation projects. What is more in the spirit of Rapsgiving than supporting reforestation projects via the controversial medium of RAP? Nothing.

And now... a
Q and A

Q: Who are you?
A: yo what up

Q: What are the rules of Rapsgiving?
A: just gotta give raps to people you care about, that’s it

Q: I don’t have any samples to make raps for my loved ones!
A: thats no question but here you go, use the official who’s that in the tree sample pack.

Q: Is Accounting+ coming to other platforms?
A: idk i’m just the rapsgiving referee but i’d assume so, it’d be kinda silly if they didn’t do it y’know??

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?
A: no, get outta here and make some raps

That's all for today – Happy Rapsgiving! We hope you're doing well. To everyone who's played, looked at, streamed or talked about our new game Accounting+ – thank you SO much, it really means a lot!

Crows Crows Crows

* Well, actually, at midnight Rapsgiving does go away and will only return on 28th of December 2018. But it will live on in our hearts in a spiritual way.

✉️ thanks 4 reading 👀