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These readouts can only mean one thing!!!

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Accounting+ is OUT NOW on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift! We’ve got brand new levels, more characters and subtitle support for TEN languages! More Achievements! A new Level Loader!? Even more secrets?!? If you’ve got the game on PS VR this is all coming to you too in a huge free update!

But why read this description like a chump? Let beloved promotional character “Harold Jenkins” explain it to you in our special Director’s Cut Trailer!

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We’ve also got a brand new Extended Soundtrack (composed by Tom Schley) available and we’ve partnered with Limited Run for a special physical edition coming in November, if you want us to tell you when that is available click here!


That’s that! Now work begins on our next PC FIRST PERSON BANGER! We spent all our energy tokens on this trailer so I hope you’ll forgive this email for being a bit bare bones. As always you can catch us on our COMMUNITY DISCORD and our STEAM DEVELOPER PROFILE!

Catch you soon! (in a large net)

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