Crows Crows Crows presents:

WARNING: Deadline extended until 1st of July!

Welcome to the web page

You've reached THE CLUB, an interactive club experience featuring YOUR music!

I'm Bartleby (Club Owner and cool person) and I've put together this website as an information hub all about The Club.

It all started with the Crows Crows Crows Community Museum (Working Title), a digital gallery filled with exhibits created by the talented people of the Crows Crows Crows Community Discord.

Once the thrill of the museum wore off, it quickly became derelict. Therefore, it was decided that an extension would be built… That extension is…….. THE CLUB. And with YOUR help, I, Bartleby, will fill this place with pearls of creative inspiration.

Grab the FREE The Club Sample Pack and read the rules below to participate!

- Bartleby

The Rules

  1. Create a banger only using sounds from our official The Club Sample Pack (check the right column!)
  2. Export as mp3, max. 1 minute long
  3. Create a background visual (2048 x 1024, PNG)
  4. Optional: create a character (1024 x 1024, PNG with transparency, feet aligned to bottom of the image)
  5. Refer to the Submission Kit inside the The Club Sample Pack for help with the assets!
  6. Upload your submission using our instructions below before the 1st of July
  7. Wait for The Club to open
  8. Download it on and enjoy The Club


Join our Discord to submit your work, collaborate, get advice and have a GOOD TIME :-)



Check out these song submissions, created with the The Club Sample Pack (linked below)!

Lydia - Deep State Forest Tech

T-Mus - Theme of T-Mus

Awesome Wolf - Awesome Wolf

I'll be updating this section with more bangers sooner than you know!!! - greetz Bartleby

Get The Sample Pack

Expertly constructed by Tom Schley aka Silkersoft with help from the Crows Crows Crows team, this sample pack contains loops, one-shots and special surprises for YOUR sound of the summer!


Includes the following samples AND MORE:






I could show you more...... but just listen to your friend Bartleby and download it already!!!