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FROM: Cecil Parish
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SUBJECT LINE: Garden Landscaping

Okay, this is one of those emails that is going to make a lot of people angry. I am aware of this, but I’m going to send it anyway, because we have a problem. I don’t know who talked to whom, but somewhere along the line, some numbers got confused and the result is that we have to completely redesign the garden sequence.

I know. Yes. Anything you’ve just screamed at your monitor, I screamed about fifteen minutes ago when I did the maths.

Here’s how things stand. Somebody up in management ordered props at 0.2 scale instead of the standard 1.0 and I have no idea why this happened but the result is that the entire garden will take about half a second to cross. Also, all of the cypress trees will be precisely one and a half feet tall.

So we have to do a complete redesign.

I have been frantically working on a proposal for a design document, but if you’re super switched on and wanna get ready, try t{
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