REPORT A.807 – 5

The Series of Events as they Stand

  1. August 10th. Hottest day on record in Parisian history. First scattered reports of disappearances from wealthy houses.
  2. August 18th. The police are called following a break-in at a mansion in southern Spain to find a valuable historical artifact missing and a household in disarray.
  3. August 19th. A 1958 red LaGuardia Spider is stolen from a dealership in a small mountain town. How the vehicle was removed silently from the building is currently unknown.
  4. August 22nd. Emperor’s Day celebrated in France and Italy. A rumour emerges from Paris and London that a master thief is on the loose in mainland Europe.
  5. August 30th. Police contact Lia Paternoster, reformed thief, at her design business in Leon. She is cooperative.
  6. September 2nd. Paternoster’s business suddenly closes leaving the drawing rooms and parlours of seven different homes without “coherent and striking interior design”.
  7. September 8th. Robbery at museum.
  8. September 9th. Robbery at museum.
  9. September 10th. Robbery at private house, robbery at museum.
  10. September 12th. Red LaGuardia Spider recovered from roadside crash, identical Spider simultaneously stolen in Lisbon.
  11. September 14th. Robbery at art gallery, robbery from private collection.
  12. September 18th. Full police investigation begins.

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