REPORT A.807 – 3

Sites Of Notable Robberies

Working from the basic assumption that what we are dealing with is Europe’s tenth occurrence of a Master Thief, and cross referencing the locations of robberies with clues called in from across the continent, we can form a very vague picture of our target’s movements. This assumption might be false; we could be dealing with a group of thieves in which case a.) we need to radically re-think our approach going forward and b.) I wasted most of yesterday evening drawing all these dotted lines.

A Master Thief makes more sense, though, and besides, it’s more exciting. A certain car comes up again and again in reports; you should ask Interpol to let us know where it turns up next. And how do you feel about a field trip, Angelo? Our target seems to have paid a visit to almost all of the provinces, but hasn’t turned up in Italy yet. If they’re taking a road trip through the continent, we might be able to catch them in the South. I could hold the fort here. Catch me a thief. Send me a postcard.

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