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Once every while, this time comes around,
It’s a big, bad day that’s just choc-full of sound!
Pass me the mic, and shake your ass all night,
‘Cause my beats are fire and my rhymes are tight!

When you’re all weighed down from high cost of living,
And your daily job’s just been unforgiving,
You need a break y’all, no we ain’t kidding,
Hold up, kick back, and have a happy RAPSGIVING!!

Cover Art

It's a Rapsgiving miracle! This is the season in which people make raps for those they love. To show our love, we at Crows Crows Crows – the only video game studio that also has an interest in music – have recorded some original songs for you.

This Rapsgiving, please don’t forget to make raps for those you love! Nothing could be more blessed. Happy holidays!

Find previous installments of Rapsgiving here for 2017 and here for 2018. Those were the best of days.

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Have a Good December Time, (GDT spread the word it's the new special phrase of the season),
– Crows Crows Crows

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