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An Announcement from BARTLEBY (and crows crows crows)

Ah yes! Bartleby here! That’s right - Bartleby; owner and proprietor of

It’s been a marvelous 6 weeks since the opening of my club, and it’s been fantastic, absolutely fantastic! People from ALL AROUND THE WORLD have been adventuring and partying it up on in on up in the club for free! It’s been absolutely fantastic...!

Yet UNFORTUNATELY, The Club has been experiencing a small number of minor financial issues. That is to say it is not yet profitable.... at all. I mean, NO BOTHER of course, NO BOTHER, I don’t want you to worry that The Club is in any danger, it’s not, none at all.

Now I know we “ragged” on Blizzard in our last email, but after a night of earnest contemplation I had a phone call with my good friend Jeff Kaplan. He explained to me EXACTLY what I needed to do to preserve interest in The Club, and keep you party people pumped and ready for more bass…!

So I present to you…


This is going to be really good, have no doubt. In an extra effort to make season 2 the best season 2 it could possibly be, The Club itself will undergo a few little, tinsy-winsy refurbishments. We’ve got 100 more songs, a whole host of new characters, and lots of LOVELY new phrases for you to say to one another as you party the night away in THE CLUB! OH WOW!

We’re really excited to hope that season 2 will do well I hope! While the bank has been processing my loan application, I’ve been making some reductions in my weekly groceries, and I have sent a few recent purchases back to the shop. So we’re all tediously excited to see season 2 do well, and take clubbing to a whole new level!

Oh, now! There’s someone at the door, I wonder who that is!

Be right back...



We are now taking submissions for the next phase of The Club, and with this next stage comes new samples for The Club Sample Pack. So please get involved with all these fresh samples, and make us a FEAST FOR THE EARS! The usual submission rules still apply, however, there are some additional rules now.

ANYTHING that you create - and we mean either song, character or visuals - any of this MUST relate either to SKELETONS or GHOSTS. Let’s say that again to be crystal clear: ANYTHING you create !!!MUST!!! relate to SKELETONS… or GHOSTS. Did you notice I said skeletons OR ghosts? That’s because it must be one or the other, not both.


So are you pro-skeleton, or pro-ghost? Make your decision and stick to it because this will be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT going forward.

Oh also...


Now, that’s it from us. Get out of here!
– Crows Crows Crows

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