Accounting+ for Quest, Index and Limited Run! Does this all look wrong? View this message in your browser.

Attention Crows Crows Crows crew! Accounting+ is back and all over the place!

Watch the Accounting+ Quest Trailer

That’s right! Accounting+, our Virtual Reality accountancy simulation, is coming to Oculus Quest, supports the Valve Index, and just got a physical release! I know that’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it down!

Oculus Quest

It’ll be out on Oculus Quest on the 4th of July! Play anywhere with NO STRINGS (or wires) attached!! We are supporting cross-buy between Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, so if you own it on one of these devices, you get it free on the other (but only if you purchase on the Oculus Store).


Valve Index

The Steam version of Accounting+ now fully supports the Valve Index Controllers and is ready for the headset of the future. For this, we've updated the game to unlock the secret “144 Frames Per Second Mode”, making it the best looking version of Accounting+ to date!

By the way: Accounting+ is 60% off during the Steam Summer Sale! Maybe use the money you're saving on this Hot Deal to buy a cold and refreshing beverage.


Limited Run Physical Releases

Pre-orders are now officially open for the PHYSICAL EDITIONS of Accounting+ for PS VR.

Accounting+ for PS VR

When Accounting+ first released, The Biggest Fan made his own cover art and disk featuring a collage of all of his favourite pieces of… art.

He emailed, texted and tweeted the video game distributor Limited Run Games every day for a year with his designs and suggestions and they have finally yielded to his pressure. Every copy has a reversible cover with his original version that’s “too cool” for Sony’s legal team.

You'll also be able to order it with The Official Soundtrack (extended beyond what is available on Spotify).

Accounting+ Tree Guy Edition

Whoa. That is a LOT bigger and looks like it is safe for expert collectors ONLY. This Very Special Version includes:

This will only be available once! You know what they say, don’t delay and order today! Stocks won’t last! This is your last chance! QUICK!!



We hear you! We hear you! Wait- sorry we can’t hear you it’s too loud in here.

The submission deadline for our community created collaboration a.k.a. “The Club” (working title) has been extended to July the 3rd! That's how long you have left to complete your submission using our Sample Pack!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Want to listen to some submission previews? Click any link that you’re presented with? Check it all out on the website for The Club (working title).

We can't make any promises at this point, but we're aiming to release the playable version of The Club (working title) within the month of July. We also want to thank everybody in our Discord Server for making this event so special and friendly! People have been collaborating in excellent fashion, posting previews of their tracks and supporting each other in making their own special bangers over the past few weeks.

If you’re a seasoned music producer or if you’ve never made music before in your life, the Crows Crows Crows Crew will be sure to welcome you with open arms so long as you abide by…

THE RULES (new and improved)!

As always we promise you we are working hard at The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and when we have more news to share on that you’ll be the first to know.

Large Love,
– Crows Crows Crows

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