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Crows Crows Crows


This is Crows Crows Crows. Do you copy? Are you there?

Do you co- okay, we’ve just been told that this an email rather than a walkie-talkie and even if you could somehow hear us, you wouldn’t be able to respond.

It’s been a big week here. The sumac tree opposite our window turned flame-red and dumped all its leaves onto the floor which I think is some sort of sign.

Things have also been happening on the internet, too, which is tremendously exciting.

Last week, we released the first piece of a mysterious puzzle, and Rock Paper Shotgun was kind enough to write about it. Somebody in the comment threads decided to set up a subreddit to try and unravel the mystery, which was a brilliant idea and something you might want to join in with.

Earlier today, we showed PC Gamer some brand new screenshots of what we’re working on. Here’s one of them:


And on top of that, we’ve just set in motion the second part of the puzzle, which is - well, I’d probably better hand over to Deputy Angelo.

Until next time,

Crows Crows Crows

Inspector Lavigne,

Honestly there is something in this hotel room that I find myself horribly allergic to. I don’t think it’s the curtains, though I carefully took them down and put them in the wardrobe and I don’t think it’s the big pot of sunflowers, because remember that time we chased a criminal through a sunflower field and I didn’t sneeze once?

I’m beginning to suspect that a large grey cat is creeping in through the window in the night and breathing on me while I sleep, really, it’s getting ridiculous.

As to the case; the Rome police force has been hearing similar rumours to the ones we have, but they haven’t made a map with red dotted lines on it so I think we’re still one step ahead of them.

I’ve made enquiries with the local museums, too, and none of them have had anything stolen. The Galleria Nazionale d'arte Antica, though, is planning a major painting transfer in the coming weeks, so our master thief might be waiting to swoop on that. I’m putting steps in place to obfuscate the movements of those paintings, and I’m going to be riding along with the convoy in case anything happens.

Other Rome news - Weather: hot. Architecture: spectacular. Cats That Sneak Into Your Room And Breathe On Your Face While You Sleep: present.

Hope all’s well back home,

Deputy Angelo

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