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Danger! Danger!

A FIRE (update) has broken out in The Temple (of no)!

Go and do more exploring in the CCCCC (Classic Crows Crows Crows Collaboration) The Temple of No! This is a whole new adventure - but it’s HIDDEN! Like The Maze™ in Westworld. The first step is finding a broken lightbulb in the Jungle of Doubt. There will be FIRE. There will be a brand new ICE LEVEL. There will be text that you can CLICK ON.

If you’ve not played The Temple of No before, it’s good, and you should try it.

The Crows Crows Crows team has been pretty burned out from PARTYING so much at the A MAZE. festival in Berlin so we decided to recuperate by making THIS before continuing on our major (and still secret) PC/PS4 releases!! However, we do know a lot of you have been clamouring for this exact kind of thing, and to prove it to the rest of you, here are three emails from fans provided without comment. Our regular Westworld segment will be below these so feel free to keep scrolling. No pressure.

SO! Let’s get straight in with it! What’s happening with bernaaaard????

Dude is ALWAYS freaking out- jj abrahams I know you subscribe to this newsletter (or YOU dave, pls forward); please please could you ask bernard in your show to calm down - he is properly giving it away by freaking out all the time. I am worried about bernard, especially when his hand starts shaking and everybody asks him “hey bernard keep it together man” [sick] or “hey bernard do you need to sit down you are obviously hiding something”- it is bringing a LOT of tension to my life - just last week I (William) asked my friend (and colleague) joe (who also helped write this newsletter shoutout joe!!) “what’s happening with bernaaaard!!!” and he couldn’t tell me because he hadn’t seen any more episodes than I have. I started to cry andd got really angry because I just want to know what’s going on with bernard!! Who’s side is he on????? What’s going on with him?????


Jj abrahams send us all the episodes asap please (dolores is my favourite character maybe she could be in smash bros maybe you could owrk that out with nintendo).

thanks bye!!!

Crows Crows Crows

✉️ thanks 4 reading 👀