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Humans have been hearing things for generations. Listening to sounds is a proud part of our collective culture. We have a backup ear in case one fails us. All of these coincidences are about to collide in a most unexpected (but fortunate) way. Ever wondered what a Crows Crows Crows game would be like if designed exclusively for your ears ears ears ears? Wonder no longer!

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24 fully composed and arranged Tracks spanning thousands of genres. Featuring Casper and Justin Roiland. Stream them all now for FREE on YouTube or buy the full album on Bandcamp for $7.

Silkersoft (Tom Schley) joined our team full time last year to help us sound good and bring joy to the real humans of the world. You may have already heard ONE or TWO of our classic Crows Crows Crows Bangers. But perhaps you’re still unconvinced? Why not check out what some of YOUR REAL HUMAN PEERS think about these sounds?

These are all real humans listening to our bountiful sounds. They are all more fulfilled than you. We don’t want to make you feel bad, it’s just the truth.

The human on the left is listening to Track 2 - Tree World.

The human on the right is listening to Track 7 - Better Times (Flute Guy Live At Flutefest 2X43 Very Rare Recording).

The human in the middle isn’t listening to our music. We placed them there to balance the visual composition of this segment, however we would like to imagine they are listening to Track 14 - All Your Friends Are Dead.

If you have any complaints or questions about our VARIOUS DEALINGS please take it to our Discord where we’re hanging out waiting to take you on. We’ve got a grumpy frog moderating some of our channels. It’s a real hoot.

("it’s a real hoot" - that’s the official catchphrase)

That’s all for now! Catch you in a big net!

Crows Crows Crows

P.S. We are making a big fat grandaddy game for PC, Mac & Linux, and we just wanted to remind you of that fact. We have the good stuff on the way, don’t worry.

✉️ thanks 4 reading 👀